Remote Real-time Education in Medical Physics (RREMP)

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Overview of Technology

Many real-time communication technologies are available.  Various options are discussed in the publication [2].  More updated options are described below.
The basic hardware requirement is a PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 2000 or Windows XP or Windows 7),  a high-speed connection to the Internet,   and speakers / microphone /webcam connected to the system. 
For the videoconferencing software,  again many options are available,  but for the RREMP project two main packages are used :
1.       Microsoft LiveMeeting
2.       Webex
Detailed features of these packages can be found in the links above,  but a summary of the useful functions that we have used are given below :
1.       2-way audio communication using the microphone and speaker system in the computer system.
2.       Video display of each participant (selectable on some systems,  multiple display on some systems (e.g.,  up to 6 in Webex) using the webcam of the computer system.
3.       Various contents can be presented :  Power Point slides,  different types of documents such as Word,  PDF,  Excel spreadsheets,  etc.
4.       Desktop could be shared (viewed simultaneously),  or any particular application (e.g.  a Treatment Planning System)
5.       Whiteboard can be used by Presenter as well as Attendees.
6.       Multiple sites for both presenters and audience.
7.       Participants can be required to register to participate.
8.       Session could be recorded.