Remote Real-time Education in Medical Physics (RREMP)

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Projects for RREMP

As a continuation of the Pilot Project,  lectures to many different classes of students have been given over the years,  while the project has expanded to other countries in the region,  and the development of the process is continuing.  From the feedback we get from students,  the indication is that the concept of real-time interactive remote education is viable and holds promise for providing economical and practical remote education to the Medical Physics community, but the success depends heavily on the availability of the Internet in a lot of developing countries (this situation is improving rapidly),  as well as a coordinated effort to promote the concept.

Local Language Education Projects in the Asian-Oceania region :
From student feedbacks in our lectures,  it is felt that in many countries it would be much more acceptable to have sessions conducted in the working language of the particular country.  English is often understood,   but for active participation of students the native working language is the necessary one to use,  although English could be used in a context where a broad audience is the target, such as international seminars or workshops.   With this concept in mind,  it is the objective of this project to set up RREMP contacts and projects in various participating countries, where local-language speaking lectures are recruited to participate in the lectures.

Other Projects
Many other applications of the Real-Time interactive platform are conceivable.  Some of the projects that have been carried out are listed in the section on Participation.