Remote Real-time Education in Medical Physics (RREMP)

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Welcome to the RREMP website !

This website is launched to promote the concept of RREMP (Remote Real-Time Education in Medical Physics).   In the future we will attempt to put reference material for other modes of remote education in Medical Physics,  such as Virtual Libraries,  recorded lectures,  links to e-Journals,  etc.


News Items :
1.         First AFOMP On-line Symposium (June - Sep 2011)

2.         AFOMP web cast of talks at AOCMP
            ( see the Notice item in: )
3 .         Remote Education projects in local languages ( see Projects page)

Recent and Ongoing RREMP Activities :
1.         Lectures for Medical Physics graduate students in University of Malaya,  Malaysia,  given by Lecturers from Canada and USA.
2.         Lectures for Medical Physics graduate students in Wuhan University,  Wuhan,  China,  given by Lecturers from Canada and USA.
3.         Remote lectures given by physicist in Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam,  to physicists in other Vietnam cities.
4.         Web casting of  IOMP symposium in the US to various countries




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