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Carotid artery stenting in patients with post-irradiation stenoses
Vidjak V, Novacic K, Matijevic F, Kavur L, Leder NI, Slavica M, Erdelez L, Suknaic S
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(3):e22

Comparison of bladder and rectal doses between conventional 2D and 3D brachytherapy treatment planning in cervical cancer
Chottaweesak P, Shotelersuk K, Amornvichet N, Khorprasert C, Oonsiri P
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2014; 10(1):e2

A novel automatic method for extraction of glioma tumour, white matter and grey matter from brain magnetic resonance images
Resmi A, Thomas T, Thomas B
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e21

Improving lung cancer outcomes with radiotherapy
O'Rourke N
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e20

Role of percutaneous sclerotherapy in venous malformations of the trunk and extremities: A clinical experience
Gopal B, Keshava SN, Moses V, Surendrababu NRS, Stephan E, Agarwal S, Koshy GC, Mammen S
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(3):e18

Dosimetric comparison between RapidArc® and conventional fixed-field intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer
Lui OY, Li WK, Lock CKM, Chow CF, Lo HY, Lam YF, Law MYY
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(3):e17

Iatrogenic carotid-jugular fistula while attempting superior vena cava stenting
Chandramohan A, Keshava SKN, Mammen T
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e11

Effect of tissue compression in ultra wide band (UWB) radar detection of breast cancer
Abdolali A, Bazrafshan MH, Salary MM
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e10

Simultaneous two-channel MR imaging, single voxel spectroscopy and chemical shift imaging by reconfiguration of a 'standard' BioSpec® spectrometer
Perrier AL, Ratiney H, Rengle A, Grenier D, Beuf O
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e9

I am not ready for robots
Abdullah BJJ
PDF version Biomed Imaging Interv J 2013; 9(2):e8

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